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How Companies Are Overhauling Supply Chains to Ease Bottlenecks

Опубликовано: January 26, 2022 в 6:44 am

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How Companies Are Overhauling Supply Chains to Ease Bottlenecks

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The Covid pandemic has strained global supply chains, causing freight backlogs that have driven up costs.

Now, some companies are looking for longer-term solutions to prepare for future supply-chain crises, even if those strategies come at a high cost.

As a consumer, are you prepared to pay double for your products if you get them faster?

Prepare for the Key Issues of Supply Chain of 2022

Опубликовано: January 19, 2022 в 7:33 am

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Prepare for the Key Issues of Supply Chain of 2022

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Should shippers prepare for a new round of disruptions in 2022? And what are the key factors to watch out for in 2022?

2021 was undoubtedly a year like no other for the supply chain as record vessel delays clogged ports and crammed warehouses. Smaller companies have had to fight to secure space on container ships to keep production and sales moving while facing cash flow pressure as they soaked up rocketing freight rates.

Unleashing the Potential of New Zealand Grown Cannabis Medicines

Опубликовано: January 27, 2022 в 6:27 am

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Unleashing the Potential for New Zealand Grown Cannabis Medicines

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Two of New Zealand’s largest medicinal cannabis companies have signed a supply contract that will pave the way for increased exports.

A five year multi-million-dollar deal between Marlborough-based cultivator Puro and Auckland-based Helius Therapeutics is New Zealand’s largest to date.

The Inside Story of Ever Given in the Suez Canal

Опубликовано: January 12, 2022 в 8:24 am

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The Ship that Broke Global Trade

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The six-day stranding of the Ever Given in the Suez Canal in March 2021 did something incredibly rare: it made regular people care about shipping, the means by which more than 80% of the world’s goods are transported.

It took only one wrong turn for the container ship to bring a critical trading artery to a standstill. 

Importing Pet Food – Be Aware of Strict Requirements

Опубликовано: January 10, 2022 в 8:21 am

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Importing Pet Food - Be Aware of Strict Requirements

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New Zealand has a strong import demand for pet food as the country has a large pet population. In fact, New Zealand has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world, according to Trade Data Monitor, with nearly half of all households owning a cat, and around one-third owning a dog.

Consumers also have high spending power, making it an attractive market for pet food. 

Changes to Harmonised System (HS) effective 1 January 2022

Опубликовано: January 6, 2022 в 7:56 am

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Revised Tariffs 1 January 2022

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Every five years the World Customs Organization (WCO) revises the Harmonized System (HS) to improve it and accommodate advances in technology, environmental and social issues that are of global concern and require enhanced monitoring, and changes in the patterns of world trade.