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Air Cargo Supply & Demand Analysis (Released April 2020)

Опубликовано: April 30, 2020 в 9:57 am

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Air Cargo Supply & Demand Analysis

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Air Cargo Plunges in March as Covid-19 Spreads Globally

• Industry-wide cargo tonne kilometres (CTKs) contracted by 15.2% year-on-year in March, driven by sharply weaker demand across all regions as the COVID-19 outbreak extended to become a global pandemic.

• Industry-wide cargo capacity declined by 22.7% annually due to the reduction in bellyhold capacity, as the passenger fleet were increasingly grounded. Dedicated freighter operations raised their capacity and some passenger aircraft shifted to cargo-only operations which partly offset this decline. With capacity contracting by more than demand, the global cargo load factor improved by 4.8 ppts in March, compared with the same period a year ago.

NZ is Facing Shortage of 20ft & 40ft Shipping Containers

Опубликовано: April 22, 2020 в 12:50 pm

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There is a growing shortage of shipping containers. Cargo and freight being exported use the empty containers from goods that come into the country.

With a drop in imports containers may become scarce. Will you be affected?