Cargo Insurance

Did you know that your cargo travels with no or limited insurance?


Not having proper cargo insurance will put your business and personal assets under substantial risk. Our team will find the most suitable damage protection cover.


Your supplier might not be able to give you full details of the insurance cover they arrange, or if they do, the information may not be entirely reliable. We can issue the insurance policy on either an “all risks” or restricted cover basis, making sure you know exactly what you are covered for.

Cargo insurance is often referred to as “marine” – a tradition which goes back to the days when the sea was the only method of international transport. Cargo insurance is a must-have in today’s global shipping industry.

Current international transport systems involve a lot of different vendors carrying only limited liability. Your cargo travels without full value insurance. Not having proper cargo insurance can mean putting your business and personal assets under substantial risk.

Easy Freight can organise insurance via Lumley General Insurance (N.Z.) for any type of cargo. Your insurance premiums will be based on a combination of the commercial value of the goods, commodity name, method of transport, origin and destination.

Buying your own insurance in New Zealand gives you confidence in its quality and more control over the insurance benefits you enjoy. As a local insurance professional, we will invest time to learn more about your business.

Therefore we can better advise you on loss prevention measures and provide exceptional customer service. It means that when losses arise, we will help to settle your claim quickly.

Marine insurance will generally cover from the time the goods are removed from seller’s pallet racking and continues until they reach their pallet rack in the receiving place. Provided that the goods remain in the “ordinary course of transit”, then the cover will be continuous.

This means that the shipment will still be covered for normal stoppages in the journey, such as waiting for the ship to arrive or Customs inspections.

Comprehensive cargo insurance can cover you for unforeseen costs such as the costs of expediting expenses and removal of debris. Given that a claim could seriously disrupt your business, you want to ensure that you have the most comprehensive cover possible.

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