Winner of the 2018 Day of the Seafarer Photo Contest (1700 Entries!)

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Myanmar-based Master Zay Yar Un has won the inaugural International Maritime Organization (IMO) Day of the Seafarer Photo Competition with what has been described as a “bold geometric composition, focusing on the deck of a ship and the blue ocean beneath”.

The IMO invited men and women working at sea to submit photographs to the competition that illustrated what a “good day at sea” looks like and reflected their experiences of a positive working environment.

The winning entry, which earned the photographer a tablet computer and an action camera, was noted to provide both “immediate visual drama but with clear underlying references to the swirling rhythms and patterns of life at sea and the solid dignity of the seafarer’s labour.”

“A seafarer’s job can be rewarding and fulfilling, but it’s also a demanding job,” stated the IMO.

“The 2018 Day of the Seafarer campaign advocated for higher standards of welfare and invited shipping companies and others within the industry to show how they provide a good working environment for seafarers and thereby make a positive contribution to their wellbeing.

“The result was more than 1700 compelling entries from across the world, with submissions from seafarers of all ranks — from deck cadet to captain spanning dozens of nationalities.

“They ranged from evocative seascapes to depictions of onboard camaraderie, to the often long and arduous tempo of life at sea, from oily engine rooms to enclosed spaces.”

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Hanbo, a Chinese third mate, earned second place, five photographs were placed equally third, and 15 other images were highly commended.

The competition was organised in conjunction with the International Seafarers’ Welfare and Assistance Network (ISWAN) and partly sponsored by The North American Maritune Ministry Association (NAMMA) together with IMO.


Source: NZ Shipping Gazette


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