What You Need to Know About NZ Customs Charges

Will what you buy on overseas websites be subject to Customs charges – and if so, how much? Remember that goods purchased overseas by courier, mail order or online may be charged GST and/or import duty.

Behind the Scenes of NZ Customs (Mind-Blowing Finding!)

Reporter Lachlan Forsyth spent a day on the frontline to see what’s being smuggled and how. Chief customs officer Micheal Maich can name them all. “Methamphetamine, cocaine, weapons, objectionable material – you name it, it comes through here,” says Mr Maich.

“The teams working here are looking for a multitude of items ranging from drugs, intellectually property goods, weapons, cigarettes, revenue that’s not declared, revenue that is declared,” say Mr Maich. “Around a million items are processed every week.”

Why is Your Parcel Delayed – and How to Avoid It

NZ Customs Officer Dave explains the mail process from the moment parcels arrive into New Zealand to when they are loaded on to the delivery van.

He explains reasons parcels are ‘held for clearance’ and tells customers what they can do to help speed up the clearance process.