NZ-bound Shipment Has been Intercepted (Could it Affect you?)

1-minute read

New Zealand Customs Service has issued a reminder to NZ importers to ensure they correctly declare the origin of inbound goods on import entries — particularly from Western Sahara.

“In the case of imported goods originating from Western Sahara, the country code ‘EH’ should be input in the import entry’s origin field,” stated the agency.

“Please also ensure the declared origin of imported goods corresponds to details on the documents provided by the goods’ supplier and the associated shipping documents.”

Customs observed that Western Sahara and several other North African states are source countries for phosphate rock which is exported to many countries, “including significant volumes to New Zealand”.

The ownership of Western Sahara phosphate has been the subject of the ongoing dispute, with at least one New Zealand-bound shipment having been intercepted in recent years.

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