Importers: Alert to New and Used Parts from USA

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Importers were warned this week by the Ministry of Primary Industries to a situation that has arisen for one of the importers, the outcome of which may need to be considered by others.

“This customer had some particular frustrations around bicycle parts and accessories and their classification as vehicles”, said Mark Bateman, Manager Operational Co-ordination at MPI. “Under constraints dictated by the BMSB (brown marmorated stink bug ) heightened risk approach, this customer was experiencing delays that were creating both frustration and potentially negative impact on his business.

MPI did not go into the specific details of the issue but said it had progressed this concern through the system to determine the risk mitigation approach that needs to be undertaken. They advised that due to the substantial risk posed by BMSB, new bicycles, and parts must be fumigated prior to leaving the USA.

“This is due to BMSB being found in all cargo pathways including cargo and mail, but most BMSB incursions have occurred in vehicles, machinery and parts (new and used). 

Therefore, MPI must have appropriate biosecurity requirements applied to the cargo that has been identified to carry BSMB as a hitchhiker pest.”

If the importer has an import process for new parts from the USA that includes a biosecurity process that gives MPI the assurance that BMSB can’t be imported with their product, then they can apply to MPI for an exemption to fumigation based on their particular biosecurity programme for that product i.e. sprayed with pesticide and then sealed in a container to prevent insect contamination.

Mr Bateman said MPI said it reviews its requirements when the risks of contamination change. “We are currently reviewing this seasons risk profile for BMSB from the USA, which may change MPI requirements for particular types of vehicles, machinery and parts (new and used) where the risk has changed (either greater or lower).”

Source: NZ Shipping Gazette

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