How Your Import & Export Goods Are Affected During COVID-19 Period

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We know there are a lot of things on your mind right now, so we just wanted to reassure you that Easy Freight Ltd is deemed as an essential service and will remain in operation to support you with any request.

We’re a digital-first team and have well-established systems in place to work remotely.

There are some extra constraints drivers must take and they will remain in their trucks as much as possible, however they are able to transport your cargo. Providing you have someone there to load the trucks, and someone at the other end to receive them.

It’s worth remembering that we’ve had travel restrictions on China for over a month, and those supply routes continue.

The Government is working closely with the freight sector to encourage and support transport to remain active in New Zealand so that we can rebound from the restrictions quickly.  New Zealand borders will be open to import & export goods.

Our team is taking meetings by phone or video call (e.g. Skype). Easy Freight is fully resourced to actively manage your shipments from remote locations.

Personally, we would like to share that we are humbled by the trust that you continue to give us and proud and grateful for the client relations and our teams’ commitment to together weather this storm too.

It won’t be long till we’re all back to living our normal lives to the fullest. Until then, stay “virtually” connected and safe.

Max Sherstobitov and Alex Gukalo
Directors of Easy Freight Ltd

Will Ports of Auckland Charge Storage Fees for Your Container Shipment?

Will Ports of Auckland Charge Storage Fees for Your Container Shipment

Notice from Ports of Auckland: We have received many enquiries in recent days asking for our position on providing storage for non-essential import cargo.

Our position is very clear: We need to keep all freight moving so we can keep the port running and get essential cargo through.

Our message to the Logistics industry is ‘keep coming to the port to pick up your freight’, even if it’s not considered ‘essential’ right now. We need all freight to keep moving to ensure that essential goods can also get through.

For that reason, we must maintain our standard import free time of 3 days from day of cargo discharge as well as the standard free time for export cargoes of 5 days prior to the vessel’s arrival.

Because of the increased hygiene controls, shift changeovers will take a little longer as the facilities need to be cleaned before the new shift arrives. This might slow operations a little, but if a colleague becomes infected it will limit the spread in the organisation and protect our ability to work.

Source: Ports of Auckland

We hope this update is useful. Stay in touch and we will provide further updates as the situation changes.

Tell us what’s happening in your business to help us plan more effectively how we can support you.


P.S. Easy Freight Ltd helps New Zealand importers & exporters to save money on international freight and reduce mistakes by guiding how to comply with Customs and biosecurity rules.

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