How to Import Building Materials Duty-Free

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Most residential building materials can now be imported into New Zealand duty-free as a result of a new tariff concession scheme recently announced by the Government.

A wide range of materials is covered by the scheme, from the structural elements of a house to fittings and products such as paint, builders’ hardware and fixed cabinetry.

The scheme includes the following categories:

  • roofing, cladding, framing, partitioning, windows and doors, insulation
  • sanitary ware, plumbing, electrical materials (excluding heating and appliances)
  • fixed cabinetry, such as kitchen cabinets
  • builders’ hardware and fixings, such as nails and screws
  • paint.

General manager tradea and international environment at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) Mark Steel, said this week that some importers were yet to take up the offer.

“Claiming the concession is actually very simple. People just need to enter the code — 310193C – against the relevant tariff lines in their customs import entry and they won’t have to pay the 5% tariff,” he said.

The Government announced on July 1 that the import tariff on building materials had been temporarily suspended in an effort to reduce housing costs and increase competition in the residential construction sector. The scheme will be reviewed after five years.

“By reducing trade barriers for importers of building products it is expected that the price reduction will flow through to the end users of building products and the added competitive pressure will also have an effect on locally produced products,” said Mr Steel.

To check if a product is included, an indicative list of relevant products is available in the Customs Consolidated List of Approvals. Importers of construction goods that are not included should contact their customs broker or freight forwarder to see whether they are, or should be, included, Mr Steel said.

Source: The New Zealand Shipping Gazette

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