How to Get a New FernMark – and Receive Instant Credibility

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A new FernMark, embedded with augmented reality and including a global trademark monitoring programme, is now available to help exporters market their products internationally.

Any New Zealand company currently exporting goods can now apply to carry the FernMark on their products.

Previous programmes were open by invite only.

To be granted a FernMark licence companies will need to meet set eligibility criteria, including an assessment of the ‘New Zealandness’ of the company and product.

A licence costs between $1500 and $5000 annually.

The new FernMark programme sits alongside the broader New Zealand Story toolkit of resources already available for companies to help them tell their own New Zealand story when marketing their goods and services.

New Zealand Story Director Rebecca Smith says that the FernMark gives companies a competitive advantage overseas by giving products an immediate connection the story of New Zealand and its associated reputation and credibility.

“Its vital for our economic growth that New Zealand’s products demand a premium overseas – That’s one of the ways were going to reach the Business Growth Agenda’s target of increasing the ratio of exports to GDP to 40% by 2025.”

The FernMark Licence logo is embedded with augmented reality capabilities to give consumers access to content about New Zealand.

By downloading a smartphone app and hovering the phone over a product’s FernMark logo customers can verify that product is associated to the licence programme and view a video about New Zealand’s story.

“Carrying the FernMark on products is a simple way for internationalising businesses to leverage the value of New Zealand.

From Chinese consumers looking for food products they trust, through to European distributors wanting to partner with resourceful and innovative businesses, we know New Zealand businesses have the potential to do better if they actively call out their New Zealandness at the point of purchase,” says Rebecca Smith.

“Around the world the New Zealand FernMark is recognised shorthand for ‘of New Zealand’. It is integral to telling a compelling story that differentiates New Zealand from other countries and helps give our companies an edge in fiercely competitive global markets,”

Companies can get more information on the New Zealand FernMark Licence Programme and apply online for a FernMark licence at

The criteria for being granted the new FernMark broadly fall into three categories:

Are you a New Zealand business?

  • GST registered in New Zealand.
  • Compliant with all New Zealand laws and relevant regulations.
  • Considered to be of good character or repute and have been exporting products for at least 12 months.

New Zealand ownership, governance or employment

  • How much of your business is owned by New Zealanders?
  • What percentage of your shareholding is held in New Zealand?
  • What percentages of full-time employees are based in New Zealand?

Does your product tell a New Zealand Story?

  • Is it grown in New Zealand?
  • Or made in New Zealand?
  • Or designed in New Zealand?

Source: NZTE

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