Reasons for Delay in MPI Bio-Security Applications

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The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has advised us of seasonally high volumes in bio-security applications.

These are bringing with them the usual timing constraints and frustrations, said Mark Bateman, manager Operational Coordination Operations Branch.

“With up to 5000 more applications per month this year, post our early year improvements, delays are once again becoming increasingly exasperating for all parties.”

This is further exacerbated by higher than normal biosecurity risk from some voracious pests such as the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, and the additional measures having to be put in place to contain the threat.

MPFs weekend rosters have allowed them to impact this slightly, but there is likely to be little relief in the weeks ahead and consequently, with immediate effect, the branch will be trialling a new approach to addressing the list.

Team members will aim to specifically target low complexity applications and push them through in high volume, thereby reducing the queue and drawing numbers forward, said Mr Bateman in his advisory.

Even with this action, we were advised it will take the time to draw down the ever increasing volumes. There will still be a need in some instances to make urgent applications and to utilise the AF9 and original documents schemes that MPI have in place to support the sector.

Source: NZ Shipping Gazette

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