Did Covid-19 Affect Your Business?

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Trade impacts from COVID-19

New Zealand businesses have experienced major disruptions as a result of COVID-19, including those businesses in offshore markets. Disruptions experienced by NZ exporters have had flow-on effects to the domestic economy.

There are no formal restrictions on market access for the vast majority of goods exports and imports as a result of COVID-19 but the global pandemic continues to place pressure on global supply chains and is disrupting trade flows and the wider international economy.

Primary industry exporters continue to experience a level of disruption to their trade in a number of markets due to issues related to delays in ports and the wider global transport network.

There have been some improvements in the flow of freight as restrictions begin to be lifted and business activity picks up.

MPI, MFAT, and NZTE are continuously monitoring developments to look for ways they can provide support to NZ exporters during this unprecedented event.

Importing countries’ resources impacted by COVID-19 cases

There is ongoing international concern related to reports of ports that have been impacted by logistical delays such as reduced storage and inspection facilities due to the impact of COVID-19.

Disrupted courier services are also causing problems for exporters where consignments are diverted to other ports for disembarkation and the documentation needs to be replaced. While the lifting of restrictions may alleviate this, the situation remains uncertain and may change quickly.

MPI recommends that exporters stay in close contact with importers when planning and tracking exports as they will have the most up-to-date information on any logistical issues in the region.

NZTE has also established an advisory panel to talk directly with businesses that require specialist advice or who are facing severe business disruption.

More information can be found on the NZ Trade and Enterprise.

Source: Ministry of Primary Industries

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