Do not Miss Canton Import and Export Fair (3 Practical Tips)

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One of the globe’s great trade fairs will commence in Guangzhou province, in southern China, and according to the representative of the China Foreign Trade Centre it will be one of the biggest yet.

A delegation visited New Zealand recently to promote awareness of the Canton Import and Export Fair and underscoring the substantial increase in trade that has followed the Free Trade Agreement in 2008.

The New Zealand presence at Canton is believed to be still very modest relative to other countries whose companies have been exhibiting alongside the Chinese business sector since 2007 when international stands were introduced. Today there is such a significant global presence at Canton includes an international pavilion of approximately 20,000 m2 servicing some 5000 foreign companies.

Some 200,000 buyers from 210 countries are expected to attend the April sessions of the Canton Fair. They will find 24,000 Chinese exhibitors — operating over 150,000 exhibits on over 58,000 stands — to choose from. The organisers say more than 150 of the world’s top 250 retailers attend the Canton Fair for procurement.

The International Pavilion exhibitors are promoting their product range to both the Chinese market and to external buyers. Emerging markets play a prominent role. Interpretation is available in multiple languages.

To encourage new buyers from Oceania businesses to participate in the Canton Fair China Southern Airlines has extended discounts of at least $100 on certain flight routes from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland to Guangzhou, which is adjacent to Hong Kong.

Flights from Hong Kong take around 45 minutes or there is a Kowloon-Guangzhou through train or buses at Hong Kong international airport direct to Guangzhou.

The Fair was founded in 1957 and its growth is regarded by China as symbolic of the country opening up to global trade. It is described as a miniature of China’s opening up to display new developments in its foreign trade since reform. Since 2000, the fair has been shortened from its duration of 15 days to 12 days and became ‘one venue and two phases’.

In 2008, it was further adapted to “one venue, three phases’ and moved to the new Pazhou Complex with gross exhibition space of over 1 million m2.

There are three phases to the Canton Fair.

Phase 1 will run from 15-19 April and features: Electronics, household electrical appliances, machinery, lighting equipment, hardware and tools, vehicles and spare parts, building materials, chemical products.

Phase 2 will run 23-27 April and features: Consumer products,decorations goods, gifts.

Phase 3 will run 1-5 May and features: Textiles & garments, shoes, office supplies, cases & bags, recreation products, medicines, medical devices and health products.

It looks very busy and heavily attended, yet there are over 200 star-rated hotels in Guangzhou presenting a range of accommodation. The organisers/ list 41 selected hotels.

The Canton Fair Complex the largest modernized exhibition centre in Asia, is located in Pazhou Island, Guangzhou, China. It is described on the fair’s website as “sparkling the world like a shining star”.

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